Inglewood Soundbarn

Jordan Chassan
Location Sound

Nashville, Tennessee

same phone: (615)218-5383
Rates start at
 $650/10 w/gear
Studio coming soon.

Complete Audio Record Package Includes:
 Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Mic, VdB Boom, SoundDevices 702T Recorder, Deneke Smart Slate, PSCM4A+ Stereo Mixer, Breakaway Cable (2), Lectrosonics SQMV digital hybrid wireless (2), Sennheiser Wireless (2), Sony Lavs, Sanken Lavs, Headphones, Adaptor kit, Etc. 

Music, Film & Television
Production Since 1988:

FEATURES, DOCUMENTARIES, COMMERCIALS, TELEVISION, CORPORATE & INDUSTRIALS --  "Under The Gun" Feature Documentary, "Muscle Shoals" Feature Documentary, American Masters/PBS - Merle Haggard, Frontline/PBS - "Rape On The Night Shift", ABC/Good Morning America, CBS News, NBC/Nightly News/The Today Show, The Weather Channel, General Electric, Miramax Films, A&E Biography - Sam Phillips, American Museum of Natural History, Granada UK, National Geographic, The Crew Company, Andrew Stevens Entertainment, VH1, Franklin Films, The State Of Tennessee, CMT, German TV, Propaganda Films, NBC / Oprah, Nashville Star, Angelika Films, A&E / The Unexplained, CNN, High Five Entertainment, Saturn Autos, Mammoth Pictures, Stagepost, TNN, United Methodist Communications, Pecos Films, Picturevision, Entertainment Tonight, Ancient Aliens, Megamedia, Strategic Perceptions, Fletcher & Rowley, Walmart, Fox News, NBC Desktop News, CBS / Eye on People, Electric Picture Company, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), Hard Copy, Studio Productions, Mars Media, Access Hollywood, Ruckus Films, Travis Television, Planet Pictures, Inside Edition, BBC, Fisk University, American Journal, Kroger, Brentwood Music, Speer Productions, Xtra, Point Of View Prdn's, Earnhardt & Co., BVTV, Stephen Yake Productions, Comprehensive Media, TNN Country News, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Beyond The Box, Crew Connection, Bell / Jarboe Productions, ABC World News, America's Most Wanted Criminals, CBS / Century of Country Music, Jaguar Productions, Scaggs Family Records, Western Beat with Billy Block, Cloudland Filmworks, Inc., Peter Jones Productions, Fast Films, NFL Films, Crosscreek Television, Nicky Nichols Productions, Alliance Prdns, Ghostwater Films, Animal Miracles, Ginger Group, And Many More...

Gandulf Hennig, Robert Duvall, and Jordan Chassan during filming of Merle Haggard documentary (2009)